Life is in the Blood



“For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls; for it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.”

Leviticus 17:11

       Over the course of my ministry and Christian walk I have had the opportunity to discuss the subject of blood with many people. I have found that there are mixed opinions concerning blood from believers and nonbelievers alike.

        Concerning nonbelievers, there are several points of view ranging from not much value given place to blood, it is considered a “gross” subject, and value is given in the course of satanic rituals. As far as most believers are concerned, blood is given the value of whatever they were taught or told by various ministers.

        Not many have studied or given much thought to the subject for themselves. They just accept whatever so and so has said and taught. This breeds a shallow understanding of the value of blood which actually retards an understanding of the gift of God through Jesus Christ. Nonbelievers have also told me that they thought God was “barbaric” and “blood-thirsty” because of the emphasis He placed on the blood in the Old Testament. This opinion only serves to confirm serious lack of understanding about who God is and why He places the value He does on blood.

        There is no doubt that the blood of Jesus is precious and to be appreciated with our sincere adoration, but it’s subject and value go much deeper than most have been taught. Our understanding of this precious substance as viewed in the eye of God is of paramount importance. I would never intentionally take away from the value of the blood of Jesus and what it means to every born again believer. I only point out that “the blood” has more depth, meaning, and symbolism than most have committed to study. Life is in the blood!

        As disciples of Jesus and students of His Word, it is our duty to know and understand the importance and value that has been placed on blood, both spiritually and naturally. The two are balanced in perfect harmony and without an understanding of the blood naturally, the symbolism and meaning spiritually is distorted.

        Consider the blood physically as it flows naturally throughout our bodies. This syrupy red substance carries oxygen and nutrients to every organ we possess as well as eliminates waste in our bodies. Our very life begins with but a single drop! In fact, our entire genetic identity is hidden within the blood. The God given blueprints of each one of us first resides in blood before we become physical beings! One single drop of blood contains our DNA, the genetic code of our complete identity. God proves His point in the ability of medical professionals being able to examine our blood and determining the condition of our bodies both positive and negative. Life is in the blood!

        As the blood is significant and life sustaining to us naturally or physically, it is equally significant and life sustaining to our spiritual reality. The blood contained in us sustains but a single life, ours, but the shed blood of Jesus sustains the life of all who will receive freely its gift! The Word of God does not tell us how much of His blood had to be shed to give life to a sinful world consisting of generations past, present, and future. Personally, I believe a single drop would have sufficed, but the Book of Isaiah gives us a glimpse that much blood poured forth from His pierced body.

        As He hung upon Calvary’s cross, life giving blood feel to the parched ground. Where our blood fails and eventually gives way to death, His blood secures and sustains our life for all eternity! Have we found our answer as to why God values and emphasizes the blood as He does? It appears so. What value do you place on the blood? Blood is the ratifying substance of the old and new covenants. Its meaning remains the same but its effects greatly differ. Old Covenant blood was temporary in its nature, but New Covenant blood is eternal! Life is in the blood!