I am proudly a born again Christian, husband, father of three, and a retired Law Enforcement Officer. My passion is Jesus and serving Him is my mission. He called me to public ministry 17 years ago and I have served in various offices in public ministry. I have attended Bible college and other Bible courses, but consider my training under the ministry of the Holy Spirit my greatest education. I am Spirit filled and continue to be “a work in progress!”


2 comments on “About

  1. Cliff Njoku says:

    Dear Daniel, I see the inspired word of God in your life especially as shown in your expressions and messages. Interestingly,I have read some of your postings with joy. Jesus is glorified. I am a co-labourer in the vineyard of the Lord. Could you please, as a request, permit me to use an “outstretched hand” picture in your blog to demonstrate God’s work and grace in a Christian literature for evangelism I am about to publish. It is for the glory of God Almighty. Let me read from you. Thank you, Rev. Cliff Njoku

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